doTerra Essential Oils

My love of fragrance first developed from my love of essential oils and aromatherapy. In my younger years, I had numerous little brown bottles of various oil which I would use to make my own blends. Last Thursday at the Pamper & Style event in the Tower Hotel, I meet Orla from Salon an Oir who introduced me to the brand doTerra. I was seriously impressed not only with the brand which she uses both personally and in her salon but also her in depth knowledge of essential oils.

So why choose doTerra essential oils:

  1. doTerra oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) which is based on the fact that they are natively sourced, certified potent and certified pure ensuring you are only receiveing the best possible product.
  2. Some of the oils are suitable to ingest proving their pureness. However please check with an expert before ingesting any oils. I sipped a glass of water with two drops of grapefruit while speaking with Orla.
  3. doTerra work with chemists, biologists, botanists and medical doctors in the development of sourcing, analysis and usage of their oils.
  4. Not only do they sell the products (it is a business afterall) but they also offer education and support. I have started following @doTerra on Facebook and Twitter and they are constantly sharing their knowledge from sourcing the oils, the use of the oils and various tips and tricks to try out at home.
  5. Variety of use. Whether you purchase single oils or blends, doTerra oils can be used for multiple purposes for all the family. doTerra oils can be used in beauty, cooking, as a natural medicine cabinet for all the family and to help improve your mental health be it studying for exams or dealing with every day life.

My top 5 essential oils (picking only 5 was a hard job!):

  • Lavender – helps to promote calm. Great for burns where skin is not broken. I am a big fan of thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which contains lavender, vetivert and wild camomile which helps promote sleep. I always have a bottle at home and even bring with me when I’m away.
  • Tea Tree – a natural astringent, antifungal and antiseptic, this stimulating oil can be applied topically to bites and stings, to spots and is great for to soak tired feet when added to water. Tea Tree oil is also great as a natural deterrent for head lice when applied to the nape of the neck and behind the ears.
  • Peppermint – a cooling and refreshing scent. While I would not recommend taking any oils internally unless advised by a professional, doTerra peppermint is safe to use and Orla gave me this little tip; when she wants to freshen breath between clients, put half a drop on the back of your hand and lick the oil for fresh breath that lasts when chewing gum or mint is not possible with clients waiting. Peppermint also works as a great digestive aid so add a drop or two to a glass of water and sip.
  • Lemon or Orange – both of these oils are fruity and uplifting. Lemon acts as a natural cleanser for use around the home.
  • Rosemary – I love the smell of rosemary when cooking and often add the herb when roasting veg. It is a great energising and stimulating fragrance and if there is any one in the home studying it really helps focus the mind. I would add a few drops to a oil burner or disfuser in the room when studying.

There is such a huge range of essential oils to choose from and it really is about personal preference just like with fragrance. Quality can vary from producer to producer so it’s important to trust the brand you buy from. Having spend time with Orla and doing my own research since then, I would have complete faith in the doTerra range. I could honestly listen to Orla for hours! If you are unsure where to start with essential oils, I would definitely recommend a call to Orla in Salon an Oir in Tramore.

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This is not an ad and the opinions are my own. All images courtesy of doTerra. Sample of Orange oil received from Salon an Oir.














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