Fragrance Day 21.03.2017

Today is the celebration of International Fragrance Day. Certain fragrances I will always associate with certain people; my mum and Chanel No5, my gran and Helena Rubinstein Apple Blossom, my good friend Celine and Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. While I personally have over 30 fragrances in my collection, I have chosen my top 10 favourites to celebrate today.

  1. Chanel No5 Eau Premiere – While I will forever associate No5 as my mum’s fragrance, a few years ago I discovered the Eau Premiere version which opened my mind to this fragrance. Softer than the original, I first wore this fragrance the day of my goddaughter’s Christening and now whenever I wear it, I think of her.
  2. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – Mademoiselle was the 1st Chanel fragrance I every wore. I love this fragrance and my friends know it! Not only do I have the fragrance, I have the Body Cream, Body Lotion, Shower Gel and Body Oil.
  3. Lancome La Vie Est Belle – This fragrance is universally loved. Various versions have been released over the last few years so there is a La Vie Est Belle to suit every taste. For me it has to be the Eau de Parfum version.
  4. Hermes Jour D’Hermes – This 2013 release is one of my favourite of recent years. It is a stunning floral fragrance, perfect for day time wear.
  5. Prada Infusion d’Iris – I spotted this travel collection in the airport travelling from Italy a few years ago. This silver case with 3 refills is perfect for the handbag to refresh throughout the day.
  6. D&G L’Imperatrice 3 – Part of the Anthology collection, inspired by tarot cards. When I discovered this fragrance was being discontinued, I purchased a further 2 bottles to ensure I wouldn’t run out for a few years!

  7. D&G Pour Femme Intense – This fragrance is sensual and warmth personified. If it was a colour it would be an intense shade of deep red. Wearing it makes me feel 6ft tall which is quite an achievement as I’m only 5ft.
  8. Dior J’Adore L’Or – I found this on special offer a few years ago and it was an impulse purchase. Warmer and more oriental than the original, I get compliments every time I wear it.
  9. Body Shop White Musk – One of the first fragrances I bought as a teenager on a trip to Dublin, I bought my first bottle in the store on Henry Street. I still keep a bottle and wear occasinally if for nothing more than nostalgia.
  10. Nuxe Body Relaxing Fragrance Water – My fragrance for today. This is the fragrance I wear when I’m at home, going for a walk with the dog etc. It is my downtime fragrance and goes hand in hand with my purple cosy throw.


Happy International Fragrance Day


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