One to watch: Gabrielle by Chanel

2017 is the year of Gabrielle. In a tribute to their iconic founder Chanel will launch a Handbag line and a fragrance in April and September 2017 respectively. Gabrielle by in-house perfumer Olivier Polge will be the 1st new pillar fragrance for the company in 15 years.


While the actual fragrance is being kept tightly under wraps, Chanel will be launching a series of 4 videos on the Inside Chanel website dedicated to celebrating Gabrielle the lady. The first video, Chapter 18 is titled Gabrielle – A Rebel At Heart, sums up Gabrielle in 3 verbs: To Choose, To Desire, To Be. Gabrielle famously said “My life didn’t please me, so I created my life”.

Illustration by Megan Hess

Mademoiselle Chanel certainly never choose to follow the crowd and was a rebel both in her personal life and in business. Gabrielle made sun bathing fashionable loving to spend her time outdoors at a time when pale skin was the privilege of aristocracy and a suntan was exclusive to laborers. She was an excellent horse-rider but preferred to wear men’s jodhpurs and jackets rather than restrictive womens-wear.She was the first to use the fabrics of jersey and then tweed when designing clothes turning them into luxury materials. She designed little black dresses, seen as the clothes of only those in mourning and elevated them to the status of sexy evening wear for all the classes.


Gabrielle Chanel once described perfume as “the unseen, unforgetable, ultimate accessory of fashion…. heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure”. Gabrielle Chanel lead the path for many modern designers as she was the 1st fashion designers to create her own fragrance, the iconic No5 which was revolutionary in itself with the use of such high quantities of aldehydes. Forever the rebel!

While the next three video installments will cover the themes of freedom, passion and allure on Inside Chanel, we will have to settle for the first installment in anticipation of the launch of Gabrielle:


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