Cosy Candles for Winter Evenings

Winter is here, let there be no doubts! Dark mornings and dark evenings, cold and windy weather but it also means cosy fires, hot water bottles, wooly jumpers and warming candles.

christmas candles

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your candles and the fragrance:

  1. Burn time should be 1-2 hours ensuring the melted wax reaches the edges to ensure an even burn
  2. Candles should be burnt approximately 30 minutes before guests arrive to ensure fragrance has enough time to develop
  3. Wicks should be trimmed to around 1cm above the wax to help prevent black smoke
  4. Candles should always be stored with their lid when not in use to prevent fragrance oils from evaporating

These are some of my favourite brands:

Brooke & Shoals

Made from a natural wax blend rather than paraffin wax, these are hand poured in Ireland. They come in 2 sizes; regular with a burn time of approximately 45 hours and a travel size with a 20 hour burn time. Choose from the Citrus & Woods Collection, the Floral Collection and the Seasonal range. My current favourite is the White Lily and Ylang Ylang candle for a relaxing fragrance.

Yankee Candle

One of the best know brands for candles from jars to tealights, car fragrances to fragrance spheres. The one negative I would have is that I find the they don’t have an even burn. However there is no doubting the have the best choice of fragrances of any brand. The ever popular jars come in three sizes, the large jar has a burn time of approximately 110 to 150 hrs, the medium jar has a burn time of 65 to 90 hrs and the small jar has a 25 to 40 hrs burn time. The Wedding Day candle is a must for any bride on her wedding day.

Tipperary Crystal & Rachel Allen

The Rachel Allen collection of candles with Tipperary Crystal has become an enduring partnership. With candle filled tumbler glasses, diffusers and tealights choose from French Linen Water, Honeysuckle, Pomegranate, Precious Woods, Rosemary & Lavender, Sweet Pea, White Tea, Wild Berries and my personal favourite Pink Grapefruit.

Max Benjamin

Max Benjamin is an Irish owned company run by brothers Mark & David Van den Bergh and the company is named after their nephews Max & Ben whose mother Orla originally set up the company. The brand includes candles, diffusers and bath & body products. The candles are made of Soy Bean wax blended with sustainable waxes such as canola, beeswax and coconut. With scents for every occasion, chooses from ranges such as energising citrus, relaxing floral, calming herb, refreshing woody and uplifting fruit.

Emma’s Eco-Soy Candles

Fragrances with only pure essential oils, Emma’s Eco-Soy candles contain no paraffin, no synthetic fragrance and no artificial dyes. Using soya wax free from herbicides or pesticides. On the down side the candles don’t have the same burn time as other brands but I love the fact they emit no black smoke. Choose from tumbler candles, tin candles and wax tart melts.


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