Fragrance Layering

Christmas is a time when rather than the gift of perfume, we give and receive the perfume set. For many the perfume is taken from the box and the auxiliary items such as shower gels and body lotions get put aside, to be either used for a special occasion and/or end in the back of the cabinet to be forgotten about. This year make it your resolution to use these products.


Layering in perfume terms is about using multiple products to enhance and prolong the lasting power of your fragrance. Auxiliary products can include shower/bath gels, body lotions, body creams, body oils, deodorants etc. When looking for gift ideas during the year, these items make excellent presents if you know the fragrance the person uses.

Fragrance regardless of whether it’s an Eau de Toilette, Eau De Parfum or Perfum won’t last as long on drier skins, so to prolong it’s lasting power moisturising before spraying is essential. This can be with the accompanying body products, with an unscented body moisturiser or if you are feeling adventurous try using different scents to create your own unique scent.

Try this at home experiment and on one arm, apply a few drops of scented shower gel, apply water and rinse off, then apply your choice of body lotion, cream or oil and finally spray with your chosen scent. On the opposite arm only spray the chosen scent. You can see for yourself the depth of the fragrance and the lasting power will be that much better on the first arm.

So remember make it your resolution not to forget about these beautiful auxiliary items and enjoy them.


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