NEW – Clinique Aromatics in Black

Aromatics Elixir was first launched in 1971 as an aromatherapy fragrance and was Clinique’s first venture into the world of fragrance. Aromatics Elixir created by nose Bernard Chant and is classed as an Floral Chypre with top notes of Chamomile & Sage, middle notes of Rose & Jasmine and base notes of Patchouli & Oakmoss.

images (1)Aromatics Elixir reminds me of a cashmere blanket, warm and cosy, a style that’s not quite me but I will try on from time to time.

In 2014, perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu created a new version called Aromatics in White. This was not quite what I expected with the colour White automatically conjuring an image of freshness and clean. Aromatics in White is classed as a Chypre Musk with top notes of Sichaun Pepper & Violet Leaf, middle notes of Rose Water, Orange Flower & Patchouli and base notes of Amber Gris, Skin Musk & Benzoin.

download (2)

This year, 44 years after the original launch of Aromatics Elixir comes Clinique’s newest fragrance Aromatics in Black. This is by far my favourite Clinique fragrance and is classed as a Oriental Floral (which is probably why it is my fav!)

download (1)

Top notes include Plum Leaf Accord, Pink Grapefruit & Italian Bergamot. Middle notes consist of Osmanthus, Neroli & Jasmine Sambac with bast notes of Myrhh, Vetiver Heart and Tonka Beans. The ink black bottle mirrors this fragrance to perfection drawing you in to the rich depth of this fragrance. Clinique describes this fragrance as ‘Pretty. Seductive’ which for me sums up this scent to perfection.


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