Perfume A Century of Scents – Lizzie Ostrom


I am a complete knowledge addict especially when it comes to fragrance. So when I heard that Lizzie Ostrom aka Odette Toilette was releasing “Perfume A Century of Scents” I knew I had to make a purchase.

This book tells the history of perfume over the last century through 10 fragrances from each decade from the 1900 Le Parfum Ideal by Houbigant arguably the first celebrity fragrance to the classic CK One of the nineties. These are not the top 10 fragrances of each decade but perhaps the 10 scents which best demonstrate the changes and developments which took place during the century, from ingredients, to design, technology and marketing.

While some of these fragrances from the early part of the century remain in production today such as the iconic Chanel No5 from 1921, others have disappeared from production such as Coty L’Origan but these does not mean they had any less impact on the scents we know today.

This book is a must for all who want to know more about how the scents of today came to be. I guarantee you will learn more than you expect. or follow Lizzie on twitter @OdetteToilette


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