Alaia launches its first fragrance

I have told a few people now that I am loving the new Alaia fragrance and the first reaction everyone has had is “Who?” & so I tell this story. Remember the movie Clueless, remember when Cher was robbed at gun point and told to lie down on the ground. Remember Cher protested by exclaiming “This is Alaia, a totally important designer”. Everyone then has the same reaction “Aaaahhhh of course, Alaia”.


Azzedine Alaia is in fact a firmly established designer renowned in the fashion world. Alaia is his first step into the fragrance world with the help of Marie Salamagne, the nose behind the scent. The inspiration behind this fragrance was the “smell of cold water splashed on burningly hot whitewashed walls”; a memory the designer has from a childhood spent in Tunisia.

IMG_0973 IMG_0974

Mr Alaia is understood to have requested nothing oriental and no identifiable flowers. However that being said florientals always draw me in and this fragrance is no exception. The fragrance itself contains both cool and hot notes but is balanced beautifully. Top notes of airy notes and pink pepper lead to middle notes of freesia and peony flowers with base notes of animalistic tones and musk. The lasting power of this fragrance was a nice surprise and the gorgeous oriental bottle designed by Martin Szekely would make a great addition to any dressing table.

Alaia is available as an Eau de Parfum in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.


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