thisworks Deep Sleep

thisworks was founded by Kathy Phillips in 2003 and is the current Creative Director. Kathy spent 7 years at Vogue as the Health & Beauty Director and is currently the International Beauty Director for Conde Nast Asia. thisworks believes that beauty requires balance, and the title ‘thisworks’ will only be awarded to exceptional products which deliver in their promise, without compromising wellbeing or the envirnoment.

There are a number of ranges in the brand but the standout range for me is their Deep Sleep range which is an aroma-therapeutic range for naturally effective sleep solutions. In 2009 thisworks Sleep Kit was created for the Crowne Plaza Hotels as turn down gifts. In fact Crowne Plaza hotels offer their guests a Sleep Advantage Programme. This means comfortable beds, quiet zone floors, guaranteed wake up calls, sleep tip podcasts and the thisworks Sleep Kit.


As someone who has spent many a night staring at the ceiling counting down the hours, I was very excited to try out this range. The hero product is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which contains calming essential oils of Vetivert, Lavender and Camomile. Don’t expect to spray this and be in the land of nod in 5 seconds flat. I use 2 or 3 sprays on my pillow & top sheet about 5 minutes before I pop into bed. Breathing in the aroma definitely has a sedative effect for me and it helps me calmly drift off to sleep. If you are prone to walking during the night, you can re-spray. The product is alcohol free and will not stain fabric.

I would not use the thisworks  Deep Sleep spray every night, but I would use it a few times a week especially when I’m stressed or up to my eyes in work. I also find it a great travel companion when staying in hotels, a few sprays and the room smells more like home.

Another product in the range of which I am a fan is the Deep Sleep Stress Less, a rollerball product which contains Eucalyptus, Frankincense and Lavender and is great to help you sleep when you have a cold. Just apply to pulse points before bed.

Other products in the range include Dream Cream, Night Oil, Shower Gel, Bath Soak, Sleep Balm and a Heavenly Candle so there is something for everyone.


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